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Making Out in the Serebryany Bor Park
Serebryany Bor Park is well known place for couple to romance. The park has lot of exclusive spots where youngsters can romance. I too got a chance to romance in this park. My client was an engineering student who wanted a break from his studies. The guy booked me for morning slot as he had to attend classes in evening. He arrived on time for date. He drove me straight to Serebryany Bor park where he told me how his girlfriend rejected him. The real reason for date was that he wanted to forget her from his memories and wanted someone to hear him patiently.
The guy told him how his girlfriend ditched him for a richer guy than him. He sounded quite bitter while talking. I patiently listened to me and when he was done with talking, I gave him a warm kiss on his lips. I laid him down on soft grass and looking straight into his eyes, kissed him passionately. The guy too got excited and unzipped my long skirt. While I was engrossed in kissing, he ran his hands on my bare back and unhooked me bra. He turned me upside down; remove straps of my skirt to make my lovely tits wide open. He was just in awe of my big bosom. It was quite obvious from his reaction that he was seeing a woman hidden treasure first time in his life.
I too motivated him to play with them. I kissed him gently on his head giving him sign that I was okay with it. He passionately kissed my breast simultaneously moved his hands inside my panty. I didn’t know when he put his middle finger inside my vagina and gave me a finger sex. I started panting heavily and tore off his shirt in excitement. I was really out of my mind when he kissed me from top to bottom.
I overcame on top of him, removed his pants along with underwear and sit accurately on his cock. He kept on saying oh my god, oh my god when I rode his cock. It was a unique experience for both of us. Soon, both of us achieved our sexual climax at the same time. I lie beside him and both of us slept deeply. It was evening time when we woke up and many women with children were coming to the park. We got off quickly and drove away from the park as we didn’t want anyone to notice what we were doing.
My young client gave me a goodbye kiss before moving back to his tuition class. I too went back to my normal routing. But, it was the most exciting and thrilling sexual encounter which I still remember.

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